Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Three First's in One

My first banner.  The first gift I have ever made with my scrapbook supplies.  My first design team submission.

The story:  My daughter came to the house one Friday afternoon and asked me if I would help her make a card ( translation: I make it and she does other stuff)  for her friends baby shower which is Sunday.   The baby's name is Ashlyn.  We got to talking about how hard it was when she was growing up to find anything with her name on it and that Ashlyn would probably have the same problem.  I had been seeing some really cute banners on blogs and in scrapbook designs so I decided to try one.   I was actually nervous on giving this as a gift.  My daughter and her friend work at a large craft chain store which just compounded my nerves.  They are bombarded with beautiful decor items all day long.  Long story short the mom to be loved it and so did grandma to be and dad to be.

Looking at it today(just a few weeks later) I see several things I would change.  Since this was made I have upgraded from the baby bug to the cricut expression.  I have also bought several new cartridges and learned a lot more about layering.  I used to only really use my baby bug for lettering, now I am trying all kinds of things and seeking out you tube videos and blogs posts on how to get the most from my machines.

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